Week Two With Crumpet! Washington Mustang Madness 100 Day Training Challenge

Week Two With Crumpet
April 26th-May 2end

The beginning of my second week with Crumpet brought a surprise. My family was all in the house when we heard this really weird sound coming from outside that kinda resembled a fog horn on the ocean. We have never had a donkey before, so it took us a few seconds to realize that it was Crumpet, the Burro! It has become her morning routine to bray. I am pretty sure she is competing with our roosters for who can wake the family up first. I have to say it is pretty fun to hear her in the morning! I also learned that Crumpet is a huge napper. I see her outside laying down at least three times a day just dozing in the sunshine.
As far as training goes, the second week with Crumpet was a very successful week! I started teaching Crumpet how to be haltered and she has now graduated to not having to wear a halter all the time and is super easy to catch. I also introduced her to a bridge, pedestal and even a scary tarp. She was a little worried about the obstacles at first, but after I let her stand and figure out that it wasn’t scary, she was very quick to learn how to walk over all of the them! I am so impressed with how well she is coming along! Week Two Video>>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5jbIhmJvis&feature=youtu.be

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