Mustang And Burro Update

With all the craziness happening in the world right now we had to make a couple very hard decisions. With the online auction Mustangs plus Marissa and I’s competition animals we would be up to 5 wild equines.  So we asked ourselves, “Do we really need four more wild mustangs plus a burro if the economy crashes?” The answer was of course no. After lots of debating, we decided to drop our yearling Mustangs for the competition and just train the burro. As of now we are still planning on getting our auction horses but we can’t pick them up until after the quarantine ends. On the brighter side, I was able to pick up my Burro, #5096 on April 18th!!! Here is a video of our trip >>>

I have never worked with a donkey/burro before so this is going to be a whole new adventure for me! The first week with her was very successful! At first she wanted nothing to do with me but  by day three that all changed. We had a huge breakthrough and she stood for me to touch all over her and later that day she met me at the gate!!

She has learned how to lead and we have taken multiple walks outside the round pen. At our obstacle course she walked over ground poles and a couple small cross rail jumps!

Burro #5096 also got her tag taken off and is now known as Crumpet! IMG_2264

Later in the week, Crumpet had her first grooming session and also met a new human, my sister. Both events went without incident. She is such a good girl and is all try. To my astonishment, she hasn’t offered to kick or bite… yet.  I am excited to see what she teaches me over the next couple of months! Here is a link to a video of our first week together>>


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