Fools Gold (2021 Teens And Oregon Mustangs)

Since we were already traveling to pick up my Mustang for the Teens And Oregon Mustang competition Marissa decided to compete, as well. Besides… the more Mustangs the better… right?

Marissa’s draw for the the Teens And Oregon Mustang Competition was a big boned, lanky buckskin gelding. She decide to name him “Fools Gold” after his golden color.

Fools Gold was a super easy Mustang to gentle and Marissa was sitting on Fools Gold by the end of the first week!

Marissa and Fools Gold‘s progress over the next two months was astounding! Marissa was riding him walk, trot, canter and even working on collection and walk to canter transitions. They were definitely going to be tough competition.

But sadly they never made it to competition…. Marissa got really sick the months before the final competition and was unable to work Fools Gold for 20 days. By the time she recovered there were only 10 days before competition and she just wasn’t up to the stress of competition. Even though they didn’t make it to the final competition, Marissa continued to train Fools Gold and he became a very well rounded Mustang. He came on trail rides, started learning how to jump and even started learning the basics of liberty and bridles-less.

In November, Fools Gold found his forever home in Washington State with a wonderful family.

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