Picking Up The Mustangs (2021 Washington Mustang Madness 100 Day Training Challenge)

Part 1


March 26th, 2021

On March 25th, we set out for Burns, Oregon to pick up our three yearling Mustangs for the 2021 Washington Mustang Madness TIP Challenge. The many days of prepping the farm for us being away, the hours and hours spent driving and the stress of traffic and exits and reroutes are all worth it and part of the fun and excitement building up to “Pick up Day.” We broke up the trip going to “The BLM Corrals” into two separate days but had to make the long return trip home in one day that took us a good 14 hours. It was very long! These three little Mustangs are so adorable! They may be matted and dirty now, but they are going to be real showstoppers with a little cleaning up. Marissa’s Mustang, #6075, is the tallest standing at 13.3 hands with Eliza’s, #6125, being the second tallest at 13.2 and mine, #6044 standing the smallest at 13.1. We are so excited to begin this wild new adventure and see how each of these three mustang’s progress in their training!

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