Bringing Home #4810 and #4915 (2020 Online Adoption Mustangs)

Back in March we adopted two Mustangs off of the Online Mustang Adoption put on by the BLM (Check out these posts for the full story>> Online Mustang Adoption.& Online Mustang Adoption. We Got Two!!!). When all of the Covid craziness hit we had to postpone picking them up for several months (the waiting was torcher)!!! On May 31st we finally set out for the Oregon Mustang Holding Corrals. My little sisters stayed back with my Mom to take care of the farm while Dad and I made the long trip out to Burns. The 8hr drive there went smoothly and we camped in the back of our horse trailer at the base of a BLM Campground full of  cows.

Home Sweet Home

The next morning (June 1st) we were up bright and early and arrived at the Holding Corrals at 7:30 and were done and out of there before 8!! Those BLM guys are fast! They got them haltered and loaded into the trailer in about 10 to 20 min!!


With the mustangs in tow we headed home! The mares road great all they way home and we arrived at the farm somewhere between 7 and 8pm ( a crash occured on HWY 84 and we had a nearly 3hr delay rerouting through downtown Portland during curfew, ugh). The mares unloaded easily and after getting a good look we realized these Mustangs are in EXCELLENT condition!! They are the perfect weight, have a shine to their coat and their feet are trimmed!!! You would have no idea they were wild mustangs and would assume they are pampered domestic horses if it wasn’t for the fact that they were terrified of everything. The Oregon BLM has done an amazing job taking care of these horses!  Check out our video of  picking up the mustangs>>>Bringing Home #4915 and #4810

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