Online Mustang Adoption. We Got Two!!!

MARCH 2020

Check Out Last Week’s Post For Part One >>

We were not planing on buying two mustangs!!!! but somehow we always end up getting more horses than we plan, ugh.  During the online auction, we bid on a pretty chestnut mare but had quickly been outbid …so we moved onto the Mustang that we ended up winning and buying.  A few days after the auction, we were minding our own business, definitely not shopping for more Mustangs, when we received an email saying that the we won!?! Upon reading the fine print, the original winning bid participant had passed(?) on a chestnut mare and now we had the winning bid and the option to buy her or pass. (What is this PASS button on an auction?!?) After much discussion, we decided that we could have fun with the chestnut mare, as well as, the first mare!! Meet #4810, a 7yr old from the Warm Springs HMA in Oregon! I am so excited about bringing this mare home and to see what she has in store for us!


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