Hold Your Horses!!

One of the many things my dad does is own and run a hay farm.  This week my whole family went on a hay delivery to help unload 40 bales at a client’s place.  As we approach are destination, I was looking out the window of our Dodge truck, day dreaming….that was until I heard an “oh no” come from the front seat. I immediately looked up and what I saw brought immediate fear…There were our hay customer’s ponies coming down the road. I’m  not talking about one of two I’m talkin about  close to 30 ponies trotting down the road! My dad brought the truck to a stop and my mom jumped out and beckoned for Meefy and I to do the same. The ponies started to turn down a drive way so Meefy and I started out across a snow covered field in a desperate attempt to get in front of them. But as soon as I hit the snow at a full out run… SPLAT! I face-planted in the snow! The snow apparently had melted a little and then refroze so it wasn’t at all fluffy,  It was like concrete! 10 times harder walking in than soft snow. But if you ran fast enough you could stay on top of the snow. But if one foot broke through you would nose dive or face-plant into hard  ice balls. Not fun! So I pulled myself up and started after the ponies once again. But as soon as Meefy and I got close to being in front of the herd and turning them around, I looked over and Meefy had fallen, scraping her hand the snow was so rough. At that particular moment, snow was definitely not on my list of favorites.  Luckily, I finally reached the front of the herd and Meefy was soon at my side, helping. Together we got them heading back down the road towards home and back into their pen. What an Adventure! Thank the Lord we got them back in their pen safe and sound.



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